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General repairs


These are repairs carried out on your instrument that do not involve modification.

For example; your guitar when plugged in makes a loud buzzing noise, making your instrument unplayable. As long as all issues can be repaired without replacing parts within the hour, all you pay is £25.00.

Deadlight Designs works on general repairs on an hourly rate of £25.00 (before parts) If additional parts are required, this will be added to your final bill.


Set ups


This is an important part of maintaining a stringed instrument. A set up by Deadlight Designs involves, setting the action, truss rod adjustment, nut string height adjustment, bridge and saddle adjustment, intonation set to specified tuning, neck shimming (if required) and full fretboard reconditioning.


Truss rod adjustment; over time the neck bows with humidity, temperature and changing stringe gauges, there is an adjustable tensioning bar in most guitar necks called a truss rod, this will need adjustment and is there to counteract the natural pull of the strings against the neck.


Nut height adjustment; to aid playing comfort at the nut end of the fingerboard and to prevent choking or buzzing.


Bridge and saddle adjustment; to obtain perfect intonation and the lowest action possible.


Please note strings are at an additional cost, Ernie Ball or D'Addario as standard.

Fret dressing


Fret dressing refers to the re-levelling of your existing fretwire without replacing them.

This involves the flattening / stoning procedure to obtain perfect level alignment across the neck. Once flattened / stoned, the frets get re-crowned. This rounds off the edges of the fretwire to regain the centre line for perfect intonation, pitch and of course your comfort! Finished and polished, it will feel like a new neck.



A full re-fret refers to the procedure of removing your existing frets to replace them with new fretwire.

Deadlight Designs offers Dunlop nickel fretwire as standard, however can offer other brands upon request.

Part re-fret available at £7.50 per fret.

If your lacquered fret board requires a re-spray, this will be an additional £70.00 to your final bill.


Please note the additional cost for a bound neck.

Nut replacement


Deadlight Designs can replace your existing nut. A range of materials are available to you; bone (as standard), brass, TUSQ, graphite, wood and plastic.

Locking and roller nuts require modification to the instrument, so this will be quoted individually.

Headstock repairs


Headstock repairs can differ greatly, dependant upon the severity of the damage. These are quoted upon inspection of the instrument, prices start from £40.00. If the neck requires re-finishing, this will incure an additional £120.00 to your final bill.

Pick up change


'Out with the old in with the new!' Bring your new pick ups in and Deadlight Designs can swap them over for you at a fee of only £25.00, as long as no modification is required.

If you are changing from passive pick ups to active pick ups, additional costs will be incurred as this is deemed as a modification to your instrument. Prices are quoted individually.

Electrics overhaul


An electric overhaul simply refers to the removal and replacement of all electrical components (Not including pick ups).


This includes, the jack input, all cables and wiring, new potentiometers, any switches and shielding if required.

If you wish to upgrade, some minor modification will be necessary, therefore will incur additional costs to you.  



Prices start from £200.00 for a single block colour respray to the body of your guitar. This service includes; chip and ding repair, primer coat, base colour coat, top coat and a hand polished finish.


A wide choice of paint types and colours are available for you to choose. Anything from a clear coat lacquer to a customised paint colour!

Resprays that require a neck and headstock re-finish will incurr additional costs to you. These are quoted individually.

Custom graphics


Custom graphics can be applied to almost any electric or bass guitar. Deadlight Designs offers the service of personalising your existing guitar or enhancing the beauty of your custom build.


You have free rein over your custom graphics. Alternatively, Deadlight Designs offers you the opportunity to work with Rob Jupp in the design stage. This design stage holds a fee of £25.00.


If convenient you can arrange to visit the workshop for the design stage, or if you are unable to get to the workshop, communication via e mail is also convenient.  


Deadlight Designs specialises in airbrushing, fineline hand painting, portrait and stylised graphic illustrations using a wide range of compatible paint systems to achieve vibrant eye catching artwork in any design of your choice.


Custom graphics are quoted individually. Colours and styles are endless!

Fretboard inlay


Deadlight Designs can inlay any design into your fretboard. It is not always necessary to remove the fretwire, although with such a design that requires the removal of the fretwire, this will incur additional re fret costs.


A wide choice of materials are available to you, wood, bone, natural shell, acrylics and some metals.


Please feel free to send Deadlight Designs your ideas. Alternatively, for a fee of £25.00 Deadlight Designs will design a fretboard inlay piece for you.


Design options are endless, therefore are quoted individually.



If you supply your own strings, Deadlight Designs will re-string your guitar or bass for £8.00. This charge applies to acoustic steel 6 string, electric 6 string, nylon classical 6 string and bass 4 string.


Floyd Rose equipped guitars £15.00 - Please be aware that if changing string gauges a set up will be required.


If you require strings, Deadlight Designs uses Ernie Ball or D'Addario as standard, prices shown below:


Electric strings 10-46 guage            + £8.00

Acoustic steel strings 12-52 gauge  + £9.00

Classical nylon strings                     + £10.00

Bass guitar strings                           + £30.00


If you require any other brand of string, please contact Deadlight Designs directly to check availability and prices.


IMPORTANT: Please note, if you change the gauge of your strings some modification to the nut will be needed and may require a set up. This will incur additional costs to you - please see below. No additional work will be carried out until aproved by you.

Custom built necks


Deadlight Designs can build you any replacement bolt on neck or one to simply wow your friends!


Built to your specifications and design. A direct replacement for your old, damaged or missing neck!


Deadlight Designs custom built necks are for bolt on bodies only. Made to fit any neck pocket on whichever guitar body you choose.


Custom built necks are quoted individually. please contact Deadlight Designs for your free quote.

Custom built bodies


Deadlight Designs will build you any replacement bolt on, solid or semi solid guitar body


Built to your specifications and design. A direct replacement for your old, damaged or missing body!


Deadlight Designs custom built bodies are for bolt on necks only. Made to fit any bolt on neck you choose.


Custom built bodies are quoted individually. please contact Deadlight Designs for your free quote.

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