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Custom Graphics by Deadlight Designs


Deadlight Designs offers the service of personalising your existing guitar or to enhance the beauty of your custom build, by offering personalised graphics.


Specialising in airbrushing, fineline hand painting, portrait and stylised graphic illustrations. Using a wide range of compatible paint systems to achieve vibrant eye catching artwork in any design of your choice.


Custom graphics are quoted individually.

Please contact Deadlight Designs to book your appointment.

There is an additional fee of £25.00 for the design stage.


Here are just a few examples of the graphic jobs by Deadlight Designs. All are commisioned pieces and designed with the client.

All instruments featured here were airbrushed or hand painted by Rob Jupp.

CIMG0017 Whaam Aerosmith custom les paul by Deadlight Designs Custom graphic by Deadlight Designs Hendrix strat Ibanez Venom Muse Tribute Ibz bass Alien blood swirl effect by Deadlight Designs Fender pro lite bass Jackson Custom V